Crawford takes eyes off Portia's seat


July 21, 2017

Amid tension in South West St Andrew as persons jostle to replace Portia Simpson Miller as Member of Parliament, Damion Crawford has pulled out of contention, saying his role in the People's National Party (PNP) is to help build it.

"I ask those who were hoping that I would place my hat in the ring to please understand that within every group, there is an equilibrium that needs to be achieved between the individual's interest and the group's interest; the PNP is no different. While I accept the personal value of (political) job security and future positioning that a seat such as SW St Andrew may hold, and acknowledge the encouragement of supporters who felt equally aggrieved in the past and want to lunge at a chance of sweet revenge, my role going forward in the party is to build and not to destroy it," Crawford said.

Simpson Miller has endorsed PNP vice-president Angela Brown-Burke as her replacement. However, Audley Smith Facey, councillor for the Payne Land division, has indicated that she is not prepared to back down and her supporters have called on the party's secretariat to ratify her as the candidate.

In a statement last night, the PNP said a selection conference will be held next Sunday at which time delegates will choose their representatives. Smith-Facey, Brown Burke and Karl Blake will be on the ballot.


Last month, Crawford told THE WEEKEND STAR that "if I am asked, I would say yes" to being the PNP's candidate.

"I wouldn't mind representing them ... That area is an area that I know well, and I love the people there. I wouldn't have a problem," he added.

A poll, reportedly conducted in the constituency, is said to have found Crawford as the preferred candidate to take over from Simpson Miller.

Yesterday, writing on Facebook, the charismatic dreadlocked Crawford said his energy is "better served promoting a policy agenda within the PNP that would once again have Jamaicans regarding us as a thinking and solutions party and not a party of cass cass, curry favouring and nepotism".

"I hope that one day my political ambitions and interest will match the interest and ambitions of the party, but until then, let us allow them to fight for power while we fight for policies," he added.

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