Young people to be employed by municipal corporations


July 21, 2017
Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie.

Come August 14, some 2,300 young persons will be employed by the municipal corporations to identify shut-ins and to undertake the auditing of street lights.

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie said each division in the corporations across the island will be allocated 10 summer workers for two weeks.

"The purpose is to help identify, in the various communities, persons who we need to have on record so that during hurricanes and other disasters, emergency personnel can move to their rescue," the minister said.

McKenzie said the employment programme will also allow his ministry to capture important data on street lights.

"It is a bold step, and I don't want to get any complaints about it. If it is not administered in the right and proper way, we might not consider it next year. It is a start. Let us make use of it," the minister urged.

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