Hail the king - Entertainers say thanks to the Legend


August 07, 2017
Usain Bolt salutes the crowd at the National Stadium one last time after winning his final race in Jamaica at the JN Racers Grand Prix in June.
Chi Ching Ching
Miss Kitty
Razor B
Tony Rebel
Beenie Man
Charly Black performing at BRT Weekend's Desert Madness in Palm Springs last month.
Ding Dong


He said it himself: "I'm excited, I can't wait to get out there." Those are the words of Usain St Leo Bolt who will be taking his final strides as an athlete at the World Championships in London.

And with Bolt seeking to go out in golden glory, members of the entertainment fraternity have taken time to hail the 11-time world and eight-time Olympic champion.

Ding Dong

"It ago play over and over and over in our heads every time we see somebody on the sporting track. For Usain, we haffi raise the flag to the highest. Him give whole heap of inspiration, from country to town to ghetto to garrison. Bolt show that you can achieve the impossible, because he has achieved the impossible. Big up again Usain, from Ding Dong and the whole Ravers. Manners and respect to the don."

Miss Kitty

"He has been a source of inspiration, motivation and just dreams coming true. He is discipline, passion, strength, determination personified. I sincerely wish him all the best. I hope that he will continue to strive, and to thrive in as many ways as possible, in whatever his new endeavours may be. I think that it is safe to say that like Michael Jackson, he has transcended his own generation, so that people who are older than he is, people who are his age and people who are younger than him are inspired by him."

Tony Rebel

"Usain has rekindled the good attitude globally towards Jamaica. Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley and many artistes have done a great job in establishing Jamaica in the past and continue to do so. Well done, good and faithful servant of talent and country. After reshaping Brand Jamaica, fulljoy your place in history. Reap the fruits of your seeds that were planted on the world stage. We are thankful for your life and it's birth location--knowing that you are the best, and you are one of us."

Beenie Man

"To come into the world and leave a global legacy that can never be ignored, undermined or erased...dat name LEGEND! Well done, my Lord. #Unstoppable"

Razor B

"Thank you for changing the sport I grew up loving and had always wanted to be a part of track and field but I was a little bit too slow, and music was my calling. I want to wish you all the best this Saturday in your final race. Countless blessings in your future endeavours."


"Usain Bolt make the whole world proud, but Jamaica most of all. The whole country proud of him, from the babies to the ants crawling on the ground. Chi-Ching-Ching cyaa express the feeling; the way him bring Jamaica to the top, make them all look fi di food him consume. Yellow yam! From Chi-Ching-Ching see Bolt, we know seh him unstoppable. Only him can stop himself. Mash up da race yah again and forward back ah yaad make we celebrate. We enjoy wiself on the journey with him, because him never fail us. Him mek we know seh everything is possible and show she YO, AH WE!!!"

Charly Black

"Big up Usain Bolt and all his accomplishments. Fi ah next Trelawny man, yuh dun know. Big up Usain Bolt again. Not only on all his accomplishments, but for letting all Jamaicans feel proud to know that we have the fastest human being on Earth. We're thanking him for putting Jamaica where it is, in his way, in our generation. It is good to know that not only in music we have people representing the country. From one Trelawny yout' to a next, more life, more prosperity. Wishing you farewell and give thanks again. You did it, and made all of us proud."

Protoje: Usain Bolt has been a major inspiration to me and many Jamaicans. What I always remember is his first Olympics in 2004. I remember after the Olympics the pressure Jamaica put on him and the ridicule he faced. It was very inpiring to me how he was able to use all of this fuel his unprecedented rise to the spot where he is now, which is undoubetly the greatest track and field athlete of all time.

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