Railway Corporation wants help to clean up People’s Arcade


October 03, 2017
The entrance to the People's Arcade market, located along Howard Cooke Boulevard in Montego Bay.

While the majority of business owners at the People's Arcade in Montego Bay, St James, have now registered with the Jamaica Railway Corporation (JRC), the corporation is still not happy, especially in regard to the unsanitary state of the facility.

According to Ferris Ziadie, chairman of the JRC, which owns the facility, he wants all the stakeholders at the People's Arcade to take part in the ongoing restoration work, which is designed to bring the facility up to an acceptable standard.

Following a recent meeting with business operators at the arcade, the JRC has now accounted for 465 of the operators of the 496 units. The arcade consists of 275 commercial units and 63 residential units.

In explaining the JRC's dilemma to the WESTERN STAR, Ziadie said that while the majority of business operators have been registered, he wants the St James Municipal Corporation, the police and other stakeholders to aid the JRC's plans to address improper sanitation and squatting at the facility.

"Ninety-five per cent of the legitimate business people at the arcade have registered with us, but the persons that are living there said they are not registering because they are not moving," said Ziadie.


"We have spent some J$3 million in this place already and we have more to spend ... . We are going to try to promote the place, but we have to clean it up first and say to the people, you can't sleep in this place, you can't throw garbage there; and we have to put in lighting and security," added Ziadie.

Last October, the JRC announced plans to take charge of the People's Arcade, where squatters had converted several shops into dwellings with illegal electricity and water connections. Additionally, poor sanitation facilities has also resulted in household waste being thrown in nearby drains.

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