Flanker in turmoil


October 31, 2017
Members of the army in a section of Flanker, St James.

Despite being a stone's throw away from the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) western Jamaica base, the community of Flanker in St James is now a hotbed of gang violence, which is so intense that fearful residents are crying out for a ZOSO-style intervention.

"Shot a fire round de clock ... . It look like dem man yah have a bullet factory a supply dem," a resident told the Western Star. "Di police dem come from time to time, but is only every now and again dem we hold a one man with a gun ... What we need is a ZOSO, because people a dead out yah."

According to residents, the fragile, on again-off again peace in the community was completely shattered last December when a man identified as 'Bobby,' who they say was an influential community figure, was murdered. His killing, caused a split between one faction, which rejoiced at the killing; and another, which was angered by the incident.

"Right now, a two gang a bad man a run de place," a resident of Hog City told the Western Star. "Yuh have some man who nuh live yah, but dem a use dem money and influence fe push de war ... . It rough out yah ... . Nuff youth a dead."

According to the residents, the gangsters from Red Dirt (Bronx) and Rifle Lane (Central Avenue) have forged an alliance and are warring against Green Dot (Hog City), who have teamed up with gangsters from Up Top (Headley Avenue).

"Right now de place tense, because nobody nuh know a who go get lick next," a resident said. "A four man from Rifle Lane dead last week."

In one incident last Sunday, 24-year-old Daniel 'Don' Angling and 20-year-old 'Shawn 'Black' Titus, both of Rifle Lane, were shot and killed at the stop light near the entrance to the community by men who pulled up alongside their car and opened fire.

"Right now, whenever any strange vehicle pull up in any section of the community, people start run right away," said a woman, who is begging for a ZOSO intervention. "A gunshot put wi to bed at night and a gunshot wake wi up in the morning ... . We caa live like dis."

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