Charity organisation clarifies customs issue


November 01, 2017

The charity organisation, Health For Life Wellness Foundation, which is an affiliate of the Ministry of Health, is seeking to clarify why medical equipment valued at $3.5 million, which was donated to the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital, is stuck at the wharf.

The story was reported in the Western Star yesterday.

CEO of the charity, Joseph Shoucair, which is responsible for receiving all donations from overseas for the ministry, said that the items were not consigned to the charity hence why the usual charges for customs duty were applied.


"If items are shipped from abroad for the hospital or the health centre or for the ministry itself, it ought to be consigned to this foundation. If it is consigned to this foundation, it comes in free of duty and taxation," Shoucair said. "The donor in this particular case improperly consigned the goods to an individual in Jamaica."

Shoucair said the shipment is now being reconsigned to the charity.

"When the re-consignment is complete, the duty that has been charged will be waived in its entirety. The donor acknowledges that she wrongly consigned the shipment and they expressed how satisfied they were with the treatment given to them by the customs official at the Montego Bay Freeport," Shoucair said.

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