Jamaicans take a taste of Halloween


November 01, 2017
Contributed Philone Campbell gets a scare at last years Halloween event at the Ribbiz Ultra Lounge.

Every year in the United States, people dress up in scary outfits as part of Halloween celebration. This Halloween craze is catching on in Jamaica, but according to Sheryl Chin, owner of Party Experience Limited, it is not yet full blown.

"People find Halloween interesting and see it as a way of doing something different from what they are used to," she said.

Chin, who has been selling Halloween costumes for 20 years, said she had not detected any increase in the number of people who buy costumes.

"People will tell there friends about the costumes, but there is not much of increase in who comes and buys them."

Instead of adapting to an American lifestyle, Chin sees Halloween as a way for Jamaicans to do something different in their free time. She said that children look forward to Halloween because it presents something new to them.

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