Red Hills road residents frown on Ford's sentence


November 03, 2017
Dr Jephthah Ford

The six-month prison sentence handed down on well-known medical doctor Jephthah Ford yesterday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court was met with harsh criticism by Red Hills Road residents.

Following the sentencing, our news team ventured to the communities along the popular strip, close to where the medical practitioner has been administering care for years.

Michelle Brown, a bartender, told THE WEEKEND STAR: "Mi nuh really know the case to that but dem coulda go easy pon him man. Dem man deh do too much good and when him come out him still a go do good. If him beg fi a man, that a nuh nothing."

On Park Lane, the residents echoed the same sentiments. A man who says Ford has been his family doctor for generations was startled on learning of the development.

He said: "Mi hear say a one month him get ... ehhh a six months? Dem shouldn't do dem man deh that. Dem man deh help out nuff people bout ya."

Another resident said: "Dem coulda ease up the doctor man. Look how much people do worse and deh a road. All dem politician ya weh misuse public funds and dem thing deh. Man do worse crime. Nobody nuh dead and nobody nuh lose nothing."


However, one resident said the judgement was fair. "Dem coulda ease him up still enuh, but six months is OK because dem could give him more," she said.

In August, Ford was convicted on two counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Prosecutor Joel Brown led evidence that Ford offered police investigators millions of dollars to free two Surinamese men who were held with US$533,000 or approximately J$55 million during a police operation along Half-Way Tree Road in St Andrew in July 2014.

Yesterday, the medical doctor was sentenced to six months in prison on each of two counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The sentences are to run at the same time.

Ford's attorney Bert Samuels has indicated that his client will be appealing.

Parish judge Simone Wolfe Reece has granted bail in the sum of J$1 million pending the outcome of the appeal.

- A.W.

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