HEART ATTACK? — Ninja Man rushed to hospital while on murder trial


November 04, 2017
Ninja Man

Ninja Man's lawyer, Valrie Neita Robinson, has refused to confirm speculations that the entertainer suffered a heart attack yesterday.

"He is sick and has been taken to the doctor, and there is a possibility that he will have to go to the hospital," the lawyer said yesterday.

"He has been having chest pains," Neita Robinson added, but she refused to comment further on her client's medical condition.

The entertainer, whose given name is Desmond Ballentyne, was at the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston, where he is on trial for murder.

The trial, which has been going on for two weeks, is being held in private.

Neita Robinson said that the Crown is yet to close its case, and that Ninja Man's illness has created an uncertainty about the completion of the trial.

"We don't know now [when the trial will conclude] that he has fallen ill. We will know on Monday," she told THE STAR.

THE STAR understands that a foreign-based witness was in the process of giving evidence when Ninja Man reportedly suffered the sudden onset of chest pains and had to be rushed to the Kingston Public Hospital. However, according to persons at the hospital, he appeared to be fine when he arrived at the compound.

"Mi see him when him come. Him did look all right. Him did inna one tiger shirt and jeans pants wid him hand dem handcuffed in front a him," one security guard said.

A porter said that the visit did not last long, and that Ninja Man was whisked away by the police officers who brought him to the hospital.


"Mi just see him walk go inna the passage and turn back, enuh. Me nuh see no doctor look pon him. Nuh doctor nuh look pon him. Him just come deh and go inna the emergency and wheel round and guh weh back," he told THE STAR.

He also said that the deejay seemed OK, although he did not show much emotion for the short period that he saw him.

"Him all right man, in terms of him physical, but yuh can't look pon a man and know how him mental stay. But him look healthy cause him a walk normal," the man said.

A woman, who was also at the hospital when Ninja Man was brought in, said some persons rushed to catch a glimpse of the artiste.

"Some people did come look if a really him, and some did a mek noise cause a di artiste," she said.

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