Christmas cart racing on Sunday


December 02, 2017
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Participants in Sunday's hand cart races in downtown Kingston show off their 'vehicles'.

With the Christmas season drawing nigh, some persons have decided to start the festivities a bit early. Downtown Kingston will be filled with joy and excitement this Sunday as the Social Development Commission (SDC) will host their annual Push Cart Derby.

The event will be held at the Waterfront starting 10 a.m.

Evon Williams, coordinator of the Jamaican Push Cart Racing Association, said he has been doing cart racing for 30 years.

"A long time me inna this thing yah. It use to keep every year but it stop for a while," he said.

Williams added that things slowed down at the start of 2000 and he is willing to put energy to make this event a yearly one.

He said sponsorship is an issue.

"Them (sponsors) keep telling me that I need to kick it off and let it gwan and let them see what it is all about," he said.

Sunday's races are part of a SDC-sponsored showcase in downtown Kingston. Williams said the organisation called and asked the cart association to participate.

Joie-Ann Mills, one of the SDC's community coordinators said they "wanted to incorporate the grassroots persons because are involved in community development."

The SDC event will also involve other aspects including donkey cart racing, scrimmage football and a showcase of vintage cars.

- A.B.

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