Consumers get Buckit discounts


December 15, 2017

Consumers are set to access huge discounts on their everyday in-app purchases and earn rewards in the form of digital currency, through Buckit, a newly-launched mobile rewards solution.

With more than 1,400 top retail partners available, Buckit allows consumers to access discounts starting from 30 per cent on anything and everything including vacation, dining, groceries, gas, household items and appliances, technology, cosmetics, and even a haircut.

"Everyone loves and deserves a good deal, and that's what Buckit is delivering," Dominic Allen, CEO for CTRL-IT, the company behind Buckit, said.

"Best of all, we're meeting consumers right where they are on their mobile phone, which means they're always just one click away from their next treat or their next adventure with awesome discounts," he said.

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