Gunman disarmed, shot by victim


December 27, 2017

A man who allegedly attempted to rob another man at gunpoint was left bloodied after his victim turned the tables on him.

Police reports are that at about 5:15 a.m. on Sunday, December 24, a man was walking along Essex drive in Spanish Town, St Catherine, when he was held up at gunpoint by a man who demanded money.

A struggle ensued and an explosion was heard. The alleged gunman ran, leaving behind a Beretta pistol with a magazine containing nine 9mm cartridges, which was handed over to the Spanish Town police.

Shortly after, a team was summoned to Essex drive, where a man was seen with a gunshot wound. The man was assisted to hospital where he was searched and an additional thirty-two 9mm cartridges found inside one of his pants pockets. He was admitted to hospital under police guard.

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