Improvements coming to Tharpe Street


January 09, 2018
A couple negotiates their way through flood waters along Tharpe Street in Falmouth in 2005.

Tharpe Street in Falmouth, which has a history of drains being filled with stagnant, green water, thus providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes, is set to receive a $160 million injection to rectify the situation.

This according to Mayor Colin Gager. This funds are in conjunction with the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ). Gager expressed thanks to the PAJ whom he said has contributed significantly to improvements in the town.

"Tharpe Street has been an historic street from the days when Trelawny had over 80 sugar factories. It is a corridor which has had added significance since the opening of the pier in 2011," he said. "Passengers leaving the cruise ships heading north to enjoy the attractions use the street. We have had numerous complaints about the obnoxious odour emanating from the drains. It is about time that something be done to correct this malady."

According to Gager, not only the buses transporting cruise ship passengers use the street but also a trolley service taking visitors who are sightseeing in the historic town.

"Depending on which day of the week when traffic movement is a snarl on Tharpe Street, passengers are parked alongside the undesirable condition of the drains," Gager declared.

Mervis Edghill, senior vice-president at PAJ said the scope of work is not going to be limited to drain cleaning.

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