Phone call causes 'sweet' beating


January 20, 2018

A man who used a stalk of sugar cane to beat his babymother had to apologise yesterday in court.

Ethan Bailey pleaded guilty in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, however, his girlfriend begged the court not to proceed with the matter.

The court heard that the two were at home when Bailey got a phone call which triggered an argument.

The complainant was punched in her face and slapped in her head.

Allegations are that Bailey swung a machete at the complainant before using the cane to beat her all over her body.

Parish Judge Chester Crooks questioned if Bailey had apologised.

"No!" said the complainant, prompting Crooks to ask "And you want to give him a chance?"

But the complainant insisted that she did not wish to proceed with the case.

Before releasing Bailey from the dock, the judge told him: "I am going to yield to the request of the complainant. But, seriously, do not put back your hands on her again."

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