Man donates painting to the Ninja Man Foundation


February 10, 2018
Ninja Man

Jamaica-born Errold McCormack says he is deeply touched by the work Desmond Ballentyne, popularly known as Ninja Man, was doing with his charity before his conviction, and has offered a painting to its operators.

"It [the foundation] motivates my thinking ability to the highest point, which drove me to paint his picture ... in the style of pointillism, to give as a token of my appreciation for the good he had done," McCormack said in a letter to The STAR.

He stated that the aim of donating the painting is for the organisation to sell it and use the funds to buy more things for the less fortunate.

McCormack, who grew up in Keith, St Ann, moved to United States in 1978.

"I used the time to better educate myself through programming and learning marketable skills, such as culinary arts, upholstery and poetry," he said.

McCormack said that he has taught himself how to paint, and now he is looking forward to donating his painting to help some people who are in need.

Family members of Ninja Man say they are happy that people are reaching out to them as they continue to keep his foundation alive and growing.

"It's a good feeling. People are still contributing to the cause. The other day some people from overseas were talking to us. We are happy for the effort because we are carrying on with the work," a family member said.

Ninja Man is currently serving a life sentence for murder.

- A.B.

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