March 03, 2018
Lionel Rookwood/Photographer Donald Bryan on his donkey up Melrose Hill, Manchester. Bryan had just completed a hard day work in his fields.
14-year-old St James High School student Tianna Clarke.

The Government is looking at plans to build a correctional facility in the central part of the island.

National Security Minister Robert Montague made the disclosure during the Standing Finance Committee of Parliament meeting held on Wednesday. His remarks came in light of concerns raised about the state of the Tower Street and St Catherine adult correctional centres in Kingston and St Catherine, respectively.

In addition, an investigation is now ongoing at the Tower Street centre, following the discovery of a tunnel at the facility. Minister Montague also said that an audit and a reclassification of inmates are being undertaken.

"We have completed the audit, and the reclassification is ongoing. What we found was that we had persons charged with minor crimes being housed with persons charged with extremely serious crimes," he said.

A Canadian national was charged with breaches of the Dangerous Drugs Act after he was found with cocaine among two parcels of frozen ackee and green pigeon peas. The drugs weigh approximately

3.5 lbs.

Tharshan Kathiadel, 25, a sales representative of Scarborough, Canada, was arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport on Wednesday.

Reports from the Narcotics Division are that at about 2:15 p.m., Kathiadel arrived at the airport to board a flight to Canada. His baggage was checked and the cocaine was found.

A Westmoreland man who did a cash transaction using more than $1 million will be sentenced next Wednesday.

Omar Samuels of Barclay Street, Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, was convicted under the Proceeds of Crime Act in the Manchester Parish Court on Tuesday.

It is a criminal offence to conduct a transaction using more that $1 million in cash.

Lorenzo Esco, an Island Traffic Authority motor vehicle inspector, was shot and killed in St Andrew on Thursday.

Managing Director of the Island Traffic Authority Ludlow Powell said that Esco was mild-mannered, reliable, and always professional in the way he carried out his duties during his seven-year stint in the job.

Esco is the second motor vehicle inspector to be gunned down in four months. Ainsley Carless, who headed the St Thomas depot, was murdered in November last year.

The man accused of murdering a schoolgirl in Brown's Lane, St James, on Saturday, February 17, has been charged.

He is 55-year-old Courtney Allen, otherwise called 'Zoo Bug', a labourer of Granville Drive in St James.

Allen was charged with murder on Thursday, March 1, following an identification parade and an interview in the presence of his attorney. His court date will be announced.

After being identified as a person of interest following the discovery of the body of 14-year-old Tianna Clarke in an unfinished building in her community, Allen turned himself in to the police on Saturday, February 17. Tianna had reportedly left her home to go to a local shop, but family members raised an alarm when she did not return. Community members then went in search of her and found her body with wounds to the head in the building.

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