100 schoolboys rewarded for good behaviour


March 07, 2018
Bog Walk High School

In order to improve the standard of behaviour at Bog Walk High School in St Catherine, teachers at the institution decided to present medals to 100 boys who attend the institution.

Elaine Reid, head of the language department and conceptualiser of the initiative, which is dubbed 'Bog Walk Boys Big-up', explained that the students were rewarded for displaying good behaviour and deportment.

"Here at Bog Walk, we have more boys than girls, and sometimes we have challenges with them. So the idea came that if we award the ones that are conforming to rules and doing things right, then it would affirm them and also provoke the others to want to do well," she told THE STAR.

The boys were given their medals last Wednesday during the morning devotion, and then they were treated to brunch at a nearby restaurant.

Reid said that the St Catherine-based institution does not have a worrying behavioural problem, but she believes the initiative encourage the youngsters to follow the rules.

According to the teacher, the greatest problem at the school is how some of the male students dress.

"One of the things that we have was the trend of dressing, where the boys have their pants and they roll it up and cuff the leg. Sometimes the hairstyles that they wear are not fit for school," she said.

But since the initiative was started a little more than a month ago, she said that there have been significant improvement in the behaviour of the school's population.

"Not to mention the behaviour of those who would have been giving problem. Even this morning after the presentation, some came to say, 'Miss, we going to start behaving ourselves because I would love to be a part of this.' Even the girls are now asking if we can put something on for them as well," she told THE STAR.

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