Vendors in squabble over money


March 26, 2018

Phylicia Cole, 73, was told to pay a sum of $6,000 to a complainant in order to avoid jail time when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Friday.

Cole was charged with assault after it was reported that she slapped a 37-year-old woman, while they were having an argument about money.

It was reported that Cole, who is a vendor, got into an argument with the complainant on March 1 at 3:50 p.m. in the Coronation Market in downtown Kingston, when the complainant asked Cole for $6,000, money supposedly owed to the complainant for goods.


Reports are that during the confrontation, Cole slapped the complainant in her face.

It is said that Cole went for a knife to stab the complainant, however, a man held her hand and told them to go to the police station.

But when she appeared in court, Cole told the court that she only slapped the complainant in self-defence.

"Your Honour, she slap me in my face and me slap her back," she said.

When Judge Chester Crooks asked the officer if any report was made by Cole, the officer responded: 'No, Your Honour'.

Crooks then told Cole, who was accompanied by her son, to appear in court on Wednesday, March 28, when she is to pay the complainant the $6,000.

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