Gunshots send partygoers running


April 04, 2018

Pandemonium erupted at an event that was held in Clarendon early yesterday morning where several patrons had to scamper for cover as gunshots rang out in the vicinity of the venue.

Persons who said they were in attendance, said the shots forced the large crowd to scatter while loud screams also filled the atmosphere that was previously festive.

"People didn't know where to run or hide. All we heard were bottles breaking and gun shots," one individual who was present at the party said.

For almost 20 minutes, person had to seek refuge inside vehicles or under any other implements or structures that they could hide until the shooting subsided.

When THE STAR contacted the Clarendon police station responsible for the area, a member of the team said they had heard about the event and were still investigating.

It is not clear whether anyone was injured as a result of this ordeal.

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