Another man shot and killed in Maxfield


April 09, 2018

Residents of the Maxfield Avenue community are fearing the start of reprisal shootings as 49-year-old Raymond Roberts otherwise called 'Rup Raps' was shot and killed in front of his home yesterday.

Roberts' death comes in the aftermath of the murder of another man, Jerome Wright, who was shot and killed on Friday in the Sunlight Street community while preparing lunch at a cook shop.

Residents suggest Roberts' murder is linked to that of Wright.

Reports are that at about 9:30 a.m., Roberts, who is a welder, was standing in front of his home in Wellington when he was approached by unknown assailants who opened fire hitting him in the head and upper body.

The STAR understands that he was assisted to the hospital by police where he was pronounced dead.

The Corporate Communications Unit confirmed the incident and said investigations are continuing.

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