Jewellery scam hits Manchester


April 12, 2018

Four persons, including two Colombians have been arrested in Manchester on suspicion of larceny by trick.

The persons were reportedly engaged in a jewellery scam.

According to the police, on Wednesday, February 21, the suspects visited Cobbla district, Manchester, where they went from house to house promoting the exchange of gold jewellery for appliances.

A woman allegedly handed over a bag containing several pieces of gold jewellery to the accused persons for which they staged test to check the authenticity. The accused then handed back the bag to her and left the location.


The bag was later checked, and the victim found that her jewellery was missing. A report was then filed with the police.

The police arrested the four persons on Monday two male Colombians and two Jamaican females after they were identified as those involved in the jewellery scam.

The cops have since asked that persons who may have been victims of a jewellery scam to contact them immediately.

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