Wanted man deported from Trinidad


June 14, 2018

Ian 'Scaly' Thomas, who the St Catherine South police division declared its most wanted, has been sent back from Trinidad and Tobago.

"He is wanted for a triple murder committed in Gregory Park on December 8, 2016. He was deported to Jamaica on the weekend," said Senior Superintendent Clive Blair, head of the division.

Scaly's return to face justice coincides with a major security operation in Gregory Park.

A six-day curfew was imposed on the area, which led to the flushing out of Demar 'Eddie' Montaque, also called 'Two-gun Kid'.

He was killed by the police in nearby Waterford a day into the operation.

Blair hailed the curfew a success.

He pointed to the recovery of three illegal firearms, including two which Montaque was allegedly found clutching after being cut down in a reported early morning shoot-out with a joint team from the Mobile Reserve and St Catherine South Operations team last Wednesday.

He said Montaque's death has brought some stability to the Gregory Park area.

Blair said though the curfew ended Monday at 6 p.m., a high visibility presence of police personnel continues to monitor the Gregory Park area and its environs.

"We are maintaining a 24-hour presence in the space, (with) mobile and foot patrols. We are looking for other persons, who can assist us in our investigations, particular Sanjay Williams, also called Ernie. He is the leader of the other gang in the Gregory Park space, responsible for the Train Line Gang. We want to speak to him in relation to the spate of shootings and murders. We believe he can assist in our investigations," Blair said.

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