Cop insists Hunts Bay lock-up is one of island’s best

August 09, 2021
Hunts Bay Police Station
Hunts Bay Police Station

Despite eight inmates escaping simultaneously last year and two others doing so last Thursday, Senior Superintendent of Police Kirk Ricketts is adamant that the lock-up at the Hunts Bay Police Station is one of the island's most secure.

Ricketts, who commands the St Andrew South Police Division, also told THE STAR that last Thursday's incident was a result of certain procedural glitches and not structural deficiencies.

"There is always room to improve structurally, but Hunts Bay still remain one of the more secure lock-ups in the country," he said. "We are looking at some procedural issues into this matter and that is as far as I'd want to go. But we are always very up to the time as it relates to the structural issues and we get the support of the services branch to fix any structural defects that we have." Last Thursday, Roland Scully, 30, and Gevone Myrie, 26, escaped from the lock-up around 10:30 p.m.

Several prisoners were moved

According to the police, the two were discovered missing when checks were made and a hole was seen in the perimeter fence at the rear of the lock-up. Both Scully and Myrie were recently convicted for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition and were awaiting sentencing in September. Last year, at the end of a COVID-19 sanitation exercise, several prisoners were moved to a temporary holding area on the compound.

At the end of the exercise, lawmen discovered that eight prisoners breached a section of the holding area and escaped. Five of them surrendered soon afterwards, while another was captured and one killed during a confrontation with police. The eighth man is believed to still be at large. Ricketts said the police will not relent until Scully and Myrie are brought back into custody.

"Some hard work went into arresting and successfully prosecuting these two individuals, and it is extremely unfortunate that they were able to escape custody before serving their sentences. We will ensure that justice prevail and ensure that they are captured," he said.

"We are coordinating with a number of divisions. We are getting information about sightings. And as such, we have a team from the St Andrew South space dedicated to this search. They have been following a number of leads in relation to these sightings. We remain optimistic that this will happen soon."

Ricketts also urged Scully and Myrie to turn themselves in.

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