IAAF appoints vetting panel as reforms continue


February 25, 2017
IAAF President Sebastian Coe

A fundamental pillar of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) reforms approved in December 2016 was the need for an independent panel of experts to oversee and assess the eligibility of new and existing officials being put forward for, or continuing to serve in, IAAF roles.

The panellists are required to be independent of the IAAF, with experience in screening applicants and candidates for appointments to official positions.

A panel of three independent persons has now been appointed following a recruitment process where 37 people were consulted. The three candidates who will form the IAAF Vetting Panel starting today are Chair Mr Akere Muna, and members Professor Mark Pieth and Mr Don Mackinnon.

increased focus

Commenting on the appointments, IAAF President Sebastian Coe said: "This panel of independent experts is central to the increased focus of our organisation on matters of good governance and reflects our commitment to ensuring that all IAAF Officials are persons of the highest standards of conduct and integrity. I am delighted with the calibre of applications and the depth of discussion we have had and welcome the panel on board for what will be an extremely important function for the future of our sport.

"Although disappointed that none of the female candidates kept themselves in for the final round, I am encouraged by the conversations we have had with some of the initial applicants and we will look to expand the panel in the future."

The inaugural panel has been appointed to act until the 2019 IAAF Congress. From then on, the panel will be composed of three persons approved by IAAF Congress at each Election Congress, which takes place every four years.

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