NBA changes rules to hasten game


July 13, 2017


The NBA wants to see the finish of its games go a bit more quickly. The league's board of governors unanimously approved some changes that will potentially eliminate four time-outs per game, help speed up the final minutes of games and emphasise a timely resumption of play after half-time.

The changes all go into effect starting this coming season, the NBA said Tuesday.

Teams will be limited to two time-outs in the final three minutes of a game, instead of having up to three. All four quarters will have two mandatory time-outs, after the seven- and three-minute marks.

Also, all half-times will be 15 minutes and delay of game penalties will be issued if teams are not ready to immediately play when intermission ends.

The league also changed the trade deadline, moving it up so teams would not have their rosters significantly altered during the All-Star break.

This season's deadline will be February 8-10, days before the All-Star Game in Los Angeles. Under the old system, the deadline would have been February 22, when teams are getting ready to resume their seasons after the break.

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