Local coach enjoys teaching netball


July 15, 2017
Roy Pryce

Local netball coach Roy Pryce said while teaching young girls at the annual Institute of Sport (INSPORTS) Summer Camp has its challenges it's also fun.

Pryce is one of the coaches engaged which started July 3 and will end on July 28. The camp is being held at the National Stadium Complex.

"It's a bit challenging but it's fun. But it's also important to get them to understand the rules. So coming into this camp and teaching them the game is a step in the right direction. The kids enjoy it and once they enjoy it they will get to like it and once they like it then we will start pushing the fundamentals at them," he said.

"But I really enjoy working with them and at the end of the camp I am positively sure we are going to meet our objectives, which is getting them to understand the basic components of the game."

Three hundred children from across the corporate area are presently at the sports camp with the aim of exposing each camper to the basic tenets of netball, football, basketball, swimming, bocce among other disciplines.

In addition to teaching the skill sets, participants are taught the rules of one of the nation's most popular sport.

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