British athlete begs for transfer of allegiance to Ireland


July 22, 2017
IAAF president Sebastian Coe.

An English-born sprinter has written an open letter to the IAAF hoping to get clearance to represent Ireland in next month's World Championships in London.

Leon Reid applied for a transfer of allegiance to Ireland and wants to run for the country to honour his mother who died last year. He previously represented Northern Ireland in the Commonwealth Games and applied for the switch last summer.

Reid qualified for the British national team after clocking 20.38 seconds during their national trials earlier this month.

However, he faces a deadline of tomorrow for the IAAF to grant his wishes and has used the IAAF's granting of eight Russian athletes neutral status for the World Championships, to reach out to President Sebastian Coe.

"I was unable to take my place on the Ireland team as my current transfer from Great Britain to Ireland has been held up as a result of the IAAF freeze of movement of athletes from one country to another. I am scared that with the final date for selection this Sunday 23rd July that my international transfer will not go through and I will miss out on competing in London in August.

"This is despite the transfer process starting well before the freeze came into place, and had it been handled diligently it would have been completed " Reid wrote.

The IAAF earlier this year placed a temporary freeze on transfers of allegiance.

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