I was joking! Hyde retracts statement about club coaching


July 28, 2017

After been fired twice as coach of Portmore United, as well as at Harbour View, Lenworth Hyde Snr has changed his mind about not coaching at the club level again, unless he is an owner.

Hyde will make a return to Humble Lion for the upcoming Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) season.

He was sacked as Portmore United coach two months ago, just before the quarter-final stage of the RSPL last May.

In a STAR article published on May 9, Hyde told STAR Sports that: "No, I won't coach again at the club level until I am an owner. It appears as if the owners have problem with me," he added."

However, the former Clarendon College and Jamaica star midfielder has a change of heart and will return to Humble Lion, where he had a stint as coach in 2010.

no problem

"That was just a joke," Hyde told STAR Sports yesterday with a chuckle.

"I will be the coach. I have no problem with the president (Mike Henry). I have worked with him before. We have one more meeting on the weekend to finalise things," Hyde said.

"After being to the semi-finals for the last three years, it is about time for him (Henry) to win the title (national league). I hope to take the team to the final, as anything can happen in a final," he added.

"It is a good team. I see where the owner wants to take the club, and I'm willing to work with the programme," Hyde also said.

Hyde also spent time with Hazard United (now Portmore United), Tivoli Gardens and Harbour View where he won titles. He was fired following success at those clubs.

Hyde pointed out that he is still at Clarendon College as technical director of the school's football programme.

"I can work with both teams (Clarendon College and Humble Lion) as they are in the same parish," he concluded.

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