September 02, 2017
Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez, left, and Arsenal's Theo Walcott celebrate after scoring.



Zone A

• Swallowfield vs Real Mona at Stadium East

• August Town vs Mountain View at Mona Bowl

• Allman/Woodford vs Santos at Bell Chung Oval

• Shortwood vs Cavalier at Shortwood

Zone B

• Central Kingston vs Rockfort at Winchester Park

• Tivoli Gardens vs Liguanea United

• Bull Bay vs New Kingston at Bull Pen

• Harbour View FC vs Brown's Town FC at Harbour View

Zone D

• Cooreville Gardens vs Duhaney Park at Cooreville Gardens

(U-13 start at 3:30 p.m. and U-15

start at 4:30 p.m.)

Western Sports/Kingston and St Andrew Business House FA semi-finals

• 2 p.m. - ATL Group vs Hunduja Global Solution at Alpha Institute

• 2 p.m. - Peak Bottling vs NCB at Winchester Park, St George's College

• 4 p.m. - Petrojam vs Metrodade Security at Alpha Institute

• 4 p.m. - ScotiaBank vs RJR/Gleaner at Winchester Park


MILO/KSAFA U-13 and U-15

Zone C

• Boys' Town vs Whitfield Town at Collie Smith

• Seaview Gardens vs Molynes United at Earl Pinto Sports Complex

• Maxfield Park vs Olympic Gardens Maxfield Park

• Greenwich Town vs Arnett Gardens Tinson Pen

Zone D

• Red Hills United vs Meadforest at Belvedere

• Pembroke Hall vs Constant Spring at Pembroke Hall

• Stony Hill vs Waterhouse

(U-13 start at 3 p.m. and U-13

start at 4:30 p.m.)


Business House Basketball 3 on 3 competition

• 6 p.m. - NCB vs NHT at Stadium Court 1; ICD vs JMMB at Court 2; NLA vs Guardsman at Court 3; JNG vs Cond at Court 4

• 6:45 p.m. - CariMed vs Seprod at Court 1; RJR/Gleaner vs BOJ at Court 2; Fire vs Aerotel at Court 3; Sagicor A vs Police at Court 4

• 7:30 p.m. - Courts vs Yello at Court 1; Sagicor B vs UDC at Court 2; BNS vs MOE at Court 3; and FSC vs Pepsi at Court 4

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