Margin of error gone - Bradley


October 05, 2017
United States men's national team player Michael Bradley speaks to members of the media in Orlando, Florida, yesterday. American players realise the pressure going into tomorrow's World Cup qualifier against Panama. "Our margin for error is virtually gone," Bradley said

ORLANDO, Florida. (AP):

Months and months of stumbles have put the United States in a precarious position. The Americans could miss the World Cup for the first time since 1986.

Preparing for tomorrow's crucial qualifier against Panama, the US held a closed-doors scrimmage yesterday against Orlando City's B team. A victory tomorrow would put the US on track to qualify for their eighth straight World Cup with a win or possibly a tie at Trinidad and Tobago next week. Less than a win could lead to either a play-off next month or elimination.

"There's been a real sense of urgency," captain Michael Bradley said. "Obviously, you get to the end and our margin for error is virtually gone."

"People can come in and say it's just another game, but the reality is it's not just another game," midfielder Paul Arriola said. "We can be out. We could really, really complicate ourselves if we don't get three points this next game against Panama."

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