Green Island face uphill task at home


October 07, 2017
@Normal:Ruseas High's Renaldo Wellington (right)
File Ruseas High's Ornell Forbes (left).

The ISSA-FLOW daCosta Cup competition will continue with the last set of 33 matches in the first round this afternoon, starting at 3:30.

Some matches will determine which teams advance to the second round. For those who have already qualified, this result will be crucial to the ranking of the seeded second round teams.

Zone B will be very interesting, with leaders Rusea's 23 points, Green Island 20 and Frome 19.

One very interesting matchup will be the top-of-the-table clash between leaders Rusea's High and Green Island High at Green Island. It will be an uphill task for Green Island to go through as zone leaders as they would have to beat Rusea's by at least 11 clear goals.

Apart from trying to prevail over the zone winners, they will have to win should Frome Tech also beat Knockalva Technical in their encounter at Knockalva.

Previous meetings between Green Island and Rusea's at Rusea's ended in 0-0 draws. Green Island, however, had a perfect win record and qualification at home could be well in their grasp.

Frome Tech have a perfect chance to grab second place in qualification with a win if Rusea's win or draw against Green Island. All is not lost for third place as they could still go through as one of two best third-place qualifiers.

Zone D will also be interesting, with leaders Little London up against fifth-place Grange Hill at the Belle Isle Community Centre.

Grange Hill will be looking to go through as zone leaders with the win.

Where things get interesting is the match between second-place Petersfield and Godfrey Stewart on 13 points. Petersfield, on 16 points, are two points behind the leaders and will be playing at their school field, and will have to beat Petersfield by five clear goals or more to advance.


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