Rusea's principal optimistic ahead of D'Cup final


December 02, 2017

Rusea's High School principal Linvern Wright, has hailed head coach Vassell Reynolds for gaining the school a final berth in the ISSA/FLOW daCosta Cup against Clarendon College at the Montego Bay Sports Complex this evening at six.

Rusea's are back in the final for the first time since their back to back wins of 2010/2011 and Wright believes that if the team plays to the best of its ability it can bring home an eleventh title.

"He has made a big difference, especially in terms of team discipline. I don't know if he has the talent I would have seen I previous years, but what he does is manage them (players) well and I like him as a coach because he coaches the people that he has," said Wright.

Wright believes that carrying on the tradition of having a teacher-coach, like former coach with Emerson Henry, is the difference maker, as it allows the team to bond, especially with Reynolds being seen as a father figure to the players.


"Above everything else, he is a teacher-coach so he gets to interact with the guys and it's kind of in our tradition," said Wright.

Wright, who said that he is looking forward to a good game on Saturday, applauds coach Reynolds, not only for the way he manages the players, but also the way gets the support staff around him to work with him. Wright said that if the team plays its best game, it can lift the trophy.

The entire community around the school is excited about being in the final, as not many thought they would make it this far with the team they have. Many fans have credited good management for Ruseas being able to do more than just compete.

"The fact is when we started out, the goal was really to just compete well. I don't know if anyone who is fair in their assessment would say that they thought we would have made the final, given the team we started with. However, as things went on we realised because of how things were being managed, we could go all the way," Wright said.

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