Ready to deliver - Blake


March 19, 2018

Yohan Blake says he is looking to kick-start his claim to the sprint throne with success at the Commonwealth Games and shared a warning he received from the retired Usain Bolt, prior to his departure from Jamaica.

Blake, who holds the second fastest times in history both in the 100m (9.69s) and 200m (19.26s), told reporters in Australia that he is in good shape going into the Games and is looking forward to taking the first steps towards dominating the sprints in Bolt's absence.

"I don't have a Commonwealth medal. It's very important for me to have one in my trophy case," Blake said. "That's what I want, to start with the Commonwealth Games, to take over the dominance of the sprinting world.

"Usain Bolt has left his legacy for us to carry on and that's what we want to do," he continued.

Blake won the World 100m title in 2011, becoming the youngest ever to do so, but was slowed down by a series of career-threatening injuries.

He finished fourth in the 100m final at the World Championships in London last year despite having the second-fastest time going into the championships, but believes he is in better shape heading into the Commonwealth Games.

"I think I could have done better,'' he said.

"It will be a better year this one and I want the Commonwealth Games to set the year up for me. Australia is where it all begins.

"We are ready to go - my body is great and I've run the second-fastest time so far this year,'' said Blake before sharing a conversation between himself and Bolt prior to him leaving for the Games.

"Usain Bolt was at the track in Jamaica before I left. He said, 'When I come to Australia, if you don't win, there is going to be problems'."

The Commonwealth Games takes place in Gold Coast, Australia, between April 4 and 15.

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