Bigga: Arnett's players have winning DNA for play-offs


March 24, 2018

Arnett Gardens captain, Oneil 'Bigga' Thompson, said although their route to the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) play-offs has been different this season, he believes his team knows how to get the job done whenever it reaches this stage of the competition and he expects no different in the upcoming play-offs.

Last season, Arnett finished sixth and went on to crown themselves RSPL champions, and although they ended the regular season in second place this year, Thompson is convinced his team knows how to adjust whenever it reaches play-off time.

"We finished further up the table this year, but it is the same type of performance that we were putting in at this stage last year. I think it is in our DNA, as we are in tune to really adjust ourselves when it comes to the play-offs, it becomes a part of you. So it's not the way we plan it, it's the nature of the game and you can see some people have strengthened their teams because you have three teams that were not in the play-offs last year.


"But we are confident of winning and at the same time we respect the other people who have been pushing hard and doing well. We just have to work and do what we do best and try to retain what we actually have," he reasoned.

Last season Arnett contested the two-leg quarter-finals and defeated Montego Bay, before going on to beat Humble Lion in the last four and then Portmore in the final. But despite getting a week's rest due to them qualifying directly for the semi-finals this year Thompson insists 'the rest' will not affect them in a negative way and they do not intend to use that as an excuse either.

"Rest never impacts anybody ... You need to relax, so rest shouldn't be an excuse. Arnett Gardens always work hard regardless of the time of the year and situation and we will continue to work.. So there is no room for rest unless you're going to bed," he stated

"When the league ends, we go straight into the club championship so we are not just playing for the (RSPL) play-offs, we are preparing for every team we are going to play against, as we are also playing Jackie Bell semi-finals. So it's not a case where we can just be resting. It's not like last season when we were just competing for the Premier league title, this year a lot of things will be happening during that time," he pointed out.

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