Portmore's Foster not pleased with season


April 21, 2018
Portmore United's Maalique Foster (left) and Arnett Gardens' Fabian Reid battling during a Red Stripe Premier League encounter at the Spanish Town Prison Oval.

Portmore United forward Maalique Foster said that despite talk of his importance to the team this season in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL), he is not pleased with his performance as he has not achieved his targets.

"My objective was to score more than 15 goals and assist more than 10, but I didn't hit those targets," Foster, who has seven goals this season, told STAR Sports.

The 21-year-old, who was part of Major League Soccer's Caribbean Combine in February, said that being away from the RSPL affected his momentum and caused him to not hit his best form.

"I don't see myself as putting out my best because I didn't really play much in the Premier League this season, because of injury and being away on trials. I'm not really proud of how I've been doing this season, but, hopefully, I can round off the season with a victory in the championship."

But Foster said that while he and teammates Javon East, who has 15 goals this season, and Jermie Lynch, seven, all want to be the one to score the most goals, they do not have a serious competition about it as the team's targets comes first.

"It's always a competition between us. We don't really discuss that (friendly wagers), but we always have it in mind that we have to score and assist each other."

- R.P.

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