Vox Pop: Who do you think will win the FIFA World Cup and why?


June 14, 2018

Omar Wedderburn: I think Brazil will win because in the last semi-final, a number of their players didn't get to play, so they have a lot prove at this World Cup. I think its a balanced squad and I think this coach (Tite) gives them more freedom to express themselves, and hence I believe that they will win the World Cup.

Rondo Ellis: I feel seh a England right now. You see the squad that England have? Is a steel-concrete squad that. You see (Raheem) Sterling from Marverly, him a play good for Manchester City and (Marcus) Rashford played well for Manchester United this season and I expect them to come good and help England to win the World Cup.

Kevin Maxwell: Brazil is the biggest team right now and a them have the ballers them right now. Neymar is the biggest baller in the world right now and the team is solid all round. Mi know seh a them ago win this World Cup.

Carlos Haddad: I am cheering for Germany to win the World Cup because they are my number one team in the world. Four years a-back, we gave Brazil 7-1 and we ago beat them again if we meet them. Some people a cheer for a lot teams, but from me born a Germany me say straight!

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