Is she giving me a jacket?


January 14, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you for some help. I have been in love with a girl from we were going to high school.

She was the prettiest girl in the whole school; that is how I saw her. But her parents did not like me. So as soon as school was over, she had to leave to go home.

The mother got people to watch her, and whenever they saw us talking, they would call out her name. She complained to me that a teacher liked her and he was one who was taking news to her mother.

One summer, they sent her away to spend time with her aunt. So for the whole summer, I could only call her. By the time she came back to Kingston, I noticed she had changed.

She found a man in the country, and this man was living next door to her aunt, and the aunt encouraged her to go out with him. Her mother did not allow her to go anywhere.

This guy took her out. She left her virginity in country. I asked her why she did that and she said that she didn't mean to.

But the aunt used to go to bed early and the fellow would be with her at the house, and the aunt knew that he was there, but she did not say anything and they had sex three times.

The guy was going to attend college and he was on a break. We broke up, but I was still dreaming about her, so we got back together.

But instead of forgetting the man in the country, she kept mentioning his name to me.

I didn't know what to do. She went back to the country and they continued having a relationship. I moved on. But one day she offered me herself and we had sex.

The next time I heard from her, she told me that I got her pregnant. I told her that she could not be sure because she had sex that month with the other guy. She said that it is mine.

Pastor, if it is mine, I would be glad because I do not have a youth as yet, but she would have to leave the guy and only be with me. She is thinking about an abortion.

I am trying to discourage her from committing murder by having an abortion. I am asking you to please give me your advice in THE STAR so that she can see it.


Dear G.N.,

You have been very careless because you were aware that this girl was having a relationship with another man.

And when she offered you sex, you could have either turned her down or used a condom.

It seems to me that this girl you thought was so wonderful did not love you very much. She loved the guy in rural Jamaica more than you.

I do not know why you believe that you are responsible for the child she is carrying. I cannot encourage this girl to have an abortion.

What I can encourage her to do is to carry the pregnancy, and soon after the child is born, let a DNA test be done to ascertain who is the father.

Don't make yourself a fool, young man, or should I say, don't allow this girl to turn you into a fool.

Perhaps she was already pregnant when she offered you sex. Don't be in a hurry to accept paternity.


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