Still in love with my ex


January 20, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a man in my 40s. I have only one daughter. I have worked very hard to educate her.

I have never been married. I used to run around a lot, and I passed on a disease to my daughter's mother.

When I went to the doctor, the doctor told me what my problem was, and told me that my daughter's mother should either come to see him or visit her doctor.

Her mother comes from a decent family, and they told her that she should dump me. I begged her to make up with me for the sake of our daughter, but she didn't. She told me that I could have killed her by giving her AIDS.

Pastor, from that time I decided that if I can't marry her, then I wasn't going to get married at all. I have worked and supported my daughter. She graduated from university. I have played my role as a father.

Now, I have been living with a woman for the past five years. My daughter wants me to get married to her. They get along very well. She comes to the house to see us and sometimes help to cook for me.

I don't run around anymore. I love this woman, but I still love my daughter's mother. My girlfriend is older than I am. She is in her 50s and was never married.

I have decided to marry her and I am hoping that this marriage will work. I have my own home. She has her own home, also. I have a good job.

My intended wife wants my daughter to be her maid of honour. Her mother does not want her to do so, but she is insisting that she would want to do it.

I would like you to do our wedding for us. My intended wife and I listen to you every night. Please let us hear from you.


Dear P.R.,

You have made mistakes, but I commend you for being a very good father.

You have worked hard to support your daughter, and without question your daughter loves you because she grew up knowing that you were doing your best as a father in supporting her. You have been a good example to other men, in that you have supported your daughter and put her through university.

This girl's mother has punished you by refusing to continue the relationship with you. I believe that you genuinely love her, but you need not worry because you are now in love with another woman, and your daughter has accepted her as her stepmother.

Your daughter wants to see you married. Evidently, she loves the woman you are marrying. It is good to know that this woman wants your daughter to be the maid of honour at your wedding.

If she has consented - and she has - I am sure that her mother would understand.

I will be happy to officiate at this wedding. Call my office and make arrangements to meet with me.


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