Please help my worthless brother


January 26, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I want to commend you for the good work that you have been doing. I read your column in the newspaper only when my mom buys it.

I am 18 years of age and currently in sixth form, and if all goes as planned, I will be attending university in September.

Pastor, sometimes I feel like it's only me against the world and no one can help me. But Pastor, I have never given up. I always fight to do my best in school and push aside the negative thoughts that are telling me to fail.

I can't manage my problems at the moment. I'm writing to you today because I need you to pray for my brother. He has this laid-back mentality and he doesn't want to change his attitude. He is 24 years old and is suffering from a mental illness.

My relatives luckily caught on in time and sought medical attention for him. He is no longer ill but still takes his medication.

Before this happened, he wouldn't look for any jobs. If my parents had not told him about work he wouldn't have done anything. He has four subjects and a certificate from HEART. Why can't he pass an interview when he attends one?

I try to help him but he takes everything for a joke, and that irritates me. Whenever I look in the newspaper for jobs he would say, "Mi nuh wah dah kind a job deh". He needs to take what he gets or look for himself.


I understand that he is sick and my parents are saying I shouldn't rough him up. To be blunt, he has no ambition and hangs out with the wrong crowd.

Some people may call me wicked, but Pastor, sick or not, that doesn't stop a person from aspiring for the best or to look for work to earn a little pay.

He needs to go out and find friends that will uplift him because I can only do so much for him. He needs to fend for himself because my parents won't always be around to feed him and pay the bills. Why do I aspire to be successful and my brother doesn't? I just cannot understand.

Pastor, I am just asking you to pray that he walks on the right path and be ambitious and confident when seeking jobs and have a vision for his success to come.

I would like to read your response to my letter. Once again, Pastor, keep up the good work.

Losing faith

Dear Losing faith,

I want to commend you for the interest you have shown in your brother but, at the same time, I want to exhort you to go easy on him.

You might believe that he is being wilful by not aggressively seeking a job, but perhaps the mental condition is causing him not to vigorously do the things that an ordinary person without help would do.

For example, if his parents were pushing him and you were doing the same thing, he would believe that the whole world is against him and he probably would not have made progress in becoming well. So your parents are quite correct in telling you to go easy on him.

I do not want you to misunderstand me. I am not implying that this man should not seek a job, but he should do so at his own pace. He says he does not want to do certain jobs. Leave him alone.

Your parents should be the ones to correct him when he is out of line, so to speak. He sees you as his little sister who has no right in telling him how he ought to live his life.

Please consider that if your brother stops taking his medication he may get ill again.

You all should enure that he takes his medication and follow the advice of his medical doctor. As time goes on, you will understand what your brother is going through, but I commend you for the interest you have shown.

You think that he is healed, but so often people who have mental problems have to continue to take their medication for a long time, and sometimes for life.


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