My girlfriend aborted my baby


January 27, 2017
An ultra sound being done.

Dear Pastor,

I'm 27 years old and my girlfriend is 25. I met her four years ago. She got pregnant three months after we started dating. I didn't know that she was pregnant, because we were not living together as yet.

One day, I called her and she said she was not feeling well, so I could not see her for the weekend. I couldn't go to see her, anyway, because I'm a security guard and I couldn't leave the work, but she came to see me the following week.

I wanted to have sex, but she said she couldn't because it was her time of the month. I didn't say anything and I did not suspect anything.

We started to live together. Her mother did not know that I was unaware that she was pregnant. She told her mother that I did not want her to keep the baby.

I was talking to her mother one day about having children and she was blaming me and saying that God would punish me for encouraging her to throw away the baby when she got pregnant.

Pastor, believe me, I never knew that this girl was pregnant. Since her mother told me that and I asked her about it, she has turned against her mother and said that her mother was lying on her.

I found myself not wanting to trust her. If a woman would throw away my baby and lie on me, how can I trust her? I still love her.

I need your help to decide what to do. It has been two years now and I am struggling and wondering what to do. Help me. I have another girl I have my eyes on. I never thought I would get involved with her, but it seems as if I might have to consider her. The truth is we had sex a couple of times, but I used a condom.

When I have sex with my girlfriend, I don't use a condom because I'm still trying to get her pregnant. I don't know how to tell her to leave, Pastor, but I must. I need to father a child.

My friends are telling me that is either something is wrong with me or my woman. The doctor says that nothing is wrong with me and she said that her doctor told her that nothing is wrong with her. So maybe her mother is right. She is being punished for what she did.


Dear T.H.

The woman with whom you are living cannot be trusted but there are those who would say that she did not have to tell you that she became pregnant. They may say that her body is hers and she can do whatever she wants with it. That is the argument of the feminists all the time.

The question I would like to ask is: Did this girl admit that she had an abortion? And if the answer is in the affirmative, what did she say was the reason she terminated the pregnancy?

I, in good conscience, cannot suggest that you marry her. Nevertheless, the decision is surely yours. I believe that you had the right to know that she had got pregnant, and if she did not want to keep the pregnancy, at least it should have been discussed with you.

You say that the doctor has advised you that nothing is wrong with you, and she says that her doctor has advised her that nothing is wrong with her.

If you want to forgive her for what she has done, it is totally up to you. But it is not right for you to be involved with another woman and, at the same time, giving her the impression that everything is all right between the both of you.

You are in a dilemma, because even the girl that you have got involved with cannot be certain how that relationship will go. However, if you intend to end the relationship with the girl that you are living with, you should tell her now and let her go.

But I repeat, I do not recommend that you continue to have an intimate relationship with her, because she has deceived you, and she would likely do that again.


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