Witchcraft caused my erectile dysfunction


February 01, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column. I am quite impressed with the advice that you give to your readers. Sometimes I can't wait to grab and indulge in the content of the next issue. Congratulations to you on doing such a terrific job.

Recalling a column 'My man can't get an erection' published in THE STAR between December 15 and 21, 2016, Pastor, I had a similar experience. I was living with a woman for seven years in the '80s. In the latter part of the seventh year, my penis wasn't standing up for her no matter how hard I tried.

The interesting thing was that I had someone outside and I didn't have any problem with my penis standing up for her. Can you imagine, Pastor, the one I was living with, I could be lying naked beside her without an erection?

Tell me how long it would take to turn over, mount and penetrate her? Seconds, of course. At that instant I would go limp, retry and the same thing would happen again.

This went on for about close to a year. Then one day a friend came to visit me because he was passing and heard some music and drinking was going on.

The woman I was living with said that I should get that man out of her yard. I refused, but she insisted. I told her that I couldn't. She was uneasy. I could feel the force around.

I heard 'pow', but it wasn't a gunshot. It was a beam that broke somewhere in the house. The man eventually left, but Pastor, that night we went to bed and my penis never went down.

I nearly killed her with it because whatever that man had on him broke that hold that she had on me. I never had a problem since.


Women do things to make men feel they have a problem so they can have their own way. Like you have said, many things could cause a man to lose his erection.

High science, black magic, mystical arts, sorcery, etc., are some of the other factors. Medical doctors can't solve all cases. Some penises are very sensitive and can act shamefully if they detect something is not right there.

Initials withheld

Dear Unkown Writer,

After reading your letter, I had to smile because what you are purporting is 'high science'. You are saying that a woman can so work on a man's penis and kill it if she has good reasons for doing so. But a man can get deliverance by using higher science. I don't know where you get your teaching from, but you said that it happened in the yard and something popped and you got back your erection.

What a deliverance! It seems to me that you truly believe that your wife had killed your penis so that she could fool around other men. How can I really believe that that is true?

If you were so powerful after you heard the popping sound and your penis stood to attention, nothing I say would cause you to think otherwise.

I wish that your wife and yourself would live happily for many years and that you would not suffer again from erectile dysfunction.


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