Women are unfaithful because they are greedy


February 03, 2017

Dear Pastor,

The Bible says that a man should love his wife as he loves himself. Adam was a smart man. He called himself man and put 'wo' in front of man and called her 'woman'. The word 'wo' means to proceed with caution, to be careful. That explains it all.

It is greed that causes trouble in relationships. A woman may live with her man or babyfather and yet she is asking another man for money or she takes it when it is offered. This gives the man the impression that he has a chance in her life. If her man finds out, he may murder her. Pastor, it would be greed that caused that. These women should stop being so 'craven'. And, Pastor, crime cannot stop, for crime pays a whole lot for some people. A lot of people, including judges, lawyers, clerk of court, and so on, who will pay them when crime stops? They won't stop crime. God bless you.


Dear R.E.,

Your letter is rather thought-provoking. In essence, you are saying, "let crime continue so that certain professionals would be paid". May God have mercy on us if that is the way society has to run. I am sure that the society was not structured in such a way that crime should be prominent and it would through crime that the country will earn revenue.


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