Weird News


February 29, 2016

Cadbury Dairy Milk have launched an album of songs titled The Sound of Flavourites, composed by London Contemporary Orchestra.

Several British celebrities attended the launch of the LP in London on February 16, including Ashley Roberts, Lilah Parsons, Fern McCann, Ashley James and Matt Johnson, and listened to the record. The Sound of Flavourites was commissioned by the favoured chocolate company after research conducted by scientists at Mindlab found flavour and sound dimensions are closely linked, and listening to music can enhance the snacking experience. What's more, amplitude, frequency, volume and pitch are the key factors that significantly enhance or negatively affect a snacking or dining experience. The result is a nine-track album of songs that have been expertly crafted to celebrate and enhance the nine different flavours in the Cadbury Dairy Milk range.

The top five flavour and sound pairings identified are:

1. Low pitch complements nutty flavours.

2. High-pitched music complements crunchy texture.

3. Steady rhythm complements smooth texture.

4. Mellow sounds complements soft spongy textures.

5. Uptempo sounds complements surprising textures that pop and crackle.

A firefighter paid off a poor family's electricity bill. Ryan McCuen rushed to a house in Detroit earlier this month when he received a call about a sick child, who was struggling to breath, after her ventilator was cut off because her parents fell behind on their electric payments.

The selfless firefighter was touched by the distressing revelation and offered to fork out over $1,000 to clear the struggling family's debt and to have their electric restored.

Fire Chief Michael Phy told The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens: "This type of concern for the greater well-being of this family is where the heart of this employee lies. His act, although anonymous, should not go overlooked or ignored." Mr McCuen, 35, didn't see it as "an extraordinary act" but he hopes his gesture of goodwill has inspired others. He said: "I don't know why I did it, but I do know those kids needed some help. I was glad to do it."

A giant anteater has been born in a British zoo. The endangered creature, which is one of the just 200 living in zoos around the world, was born on December 22, 2015, to its parents Pancho and Kara at an animal centre in Belfast.

Zoo keeper Alyn Cairns told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Kara is a fantastic mum and for the first six months she will carry the pup on her back nearly all the time." And now the zoo is calling on people to help come up with a name for the infant - even though they don't know whether its a boy or a girl as they're yet to catch it in its pen. Alyn explained: "While this is great camouflage from predators, it also makes it extremely difficult for the keepers to get a good look at the infant to find out whether it is male or female and we don't want to disrupt the pair at this stage."