Weird News


March 03, 2016

Social media users have dressed up their cats as Donald Trump.

Furry felines are being made to wear tufts of blonde hair, shirts and ties, as their owners take pictures of them and post the results with the hashtag #trumpyourcat to Instagram. Internet pranksters are poking fun at the American Republican presidential hopeful, with one captioning their picture: "As President, let me be very clear that no one will fight harder to end racism and reform our broken criminal justice system than I will."

Another joked: "Boy am I good at solving debt problems" alongside a cute snap of their kitty.

The trend began on 'Donald Purrump' social media account, which asked users to: "Trump your cat, just don't Trump America."

A woman's accidently revealed her dildo stash when she asked friends to help her move her memory foam mattress.

Her helpful pals discovered her sexual habits when they spotted the imprints of up to four vibrators that were stored in the spongy bed. They shared her secret on social media and posted a photograph of the mattress to Reddit, which clearly showed the imprints of the sex toys.

One reddit user commented: "Memory foam never forgets."

A university has banned energy drinks because they "promote risky sexual activity".

Students at Middlebury College in Vermont are bewildered after the move which Dan Detora, executive director of dining hall services, justified when speaking to NBC. He said: "I see it as the equivalent of banning cigarettes." However, a 2014 study into sexual risk-taking found people who drank the high-caffeine energy drinks were more likely to have promiscuous sex. Fourth-year student Arnav Adhikari, who works at the college cafE, commented: "There are more important things for them to address. And what do energy drinks have to do with sexual activity?"

A mummified captain has been found in his ship seven years after they both disappeared.

German adventurer Manfred Fritz Bajorat was found slumped over his desk and appeared to be making a desperate Mayday call when he died. He was discovered by two fishermen in the seas off Surigao del Sur province, about 40 miles off the Philippines, but was last spotted alive off the coast of Majorca in 2009; one theory is he died of a heart attack. It is not known whether he sailed the seven seas in the seven years after his death.