Weird News


March 05, 2016

Poo-munching 'alien' mussels capable of crawling up U-bends are set to invade Britain.

The warm winter the United Kingdom has experienced has made the perfect conditions for the molluscs, who are native to Eastern Europe, to breed. It's feared they could block toilets and pipes in millions of UK homes, after Britain experienced the hottest winter for 350 years. Faeces-eating quagga mussels, which are the size of a thumbnail, have survived in huge numbers and currently top the list of the 10 most dangerous alien species in Britain.

Workers who use standing desks could burn the same calories as if they ran 11 marathons.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that 2.6 calories are burnt when you sit down for one minute, in comparison to 3.3 calories, which are shed after standing for the same duration.

Therefore standing for an entire working day could see colleagues burn 130 calories - an extra 50 calories per hour and worked out over a whole year, equates to burning the same as running 286 miles.

People in desk jobs are being urged to stand for a minimum of two hours per day to boost circulation and lower blood pressure, and to avoid blood clots, heart attacks and promote a better work efficiency in the office. has dressed its meerkat mascot, Aleksandr, as Superman and Batman ahead of the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The lovable furry TV star, who was last seen opposite Nicole Kidman and Arnold Schwarzenegger in previous adverts, has donned the two guises as part of the site's Meerkat Movies campaign. Limited edition Batman and Superman meerkat toys will be given away free to customers who buy insurance or switch energy with And, as usual, cinema goers can get two for one on film tickets via a voucher code on the Meerkat Movies app, which is available to Apple and Android users via the website. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out March 25.

A man from Texas has been arrested for driving a pink toy car.

Police officers were called to a location in San Jacinto County in Texas to arrest David Schumaker on suspicion of credit card abuse. But when they arrived they found their suspect using a controlled Power Wheels electric car, which he'd been using as transport despite it being made for kids.

According to the Metro newspaper, a spokesman at the local police station said: "Yes, that story is perfectly true. We were just as surprised when the report turned out to be spot on. Someone who was passing took the picture and it has caused a lot of amusement."