Weird News


March 08, 2016

A girl sent a selfie to her parents without realising the photo featured two sex toys.

The anonymous woman sent a picture to her parents and sister via iMessage, but later discovered the awkward error she had made.

Subsequently, she sent a text to her sister, saying: "OK, Mayday Mayday. That pic I just sent has not one but 2 dildos in it. (sic)"

And in a desperate bid to save face, the young lady asked her sister to spam the family group message in a bid to get rid of the picture.

A presenter's large breasts have been credited with the unusually high level of interest in a car infomercial.

The EPCM-psi commercial centres on vehicle maintenance, which covers a range of difference issues, such as oil changes and new tyres.

But it is the presenter, Juliana Morgan, who appears to be driving interest in what is otherwise a dry advert.

Her presence has been credited with the popularity of the ad, which has had more than 279,900 views on YouTube.

In the head-turning clip, Juliana wears a low-cut top and a fitted black skirt. Thereafter, she's seen in a pink V-neck T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is younger than he would have been had he stayed on Earth.

He is officially 1/100 seconds younger than he would have been had he stayed at home, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson, the American astrophysicist. He told the Huffington Post: "Relativity tells us that when we (in this case, meaning all of us on Earth) observe someone/something else that is moving relative to us (in this case, the International Space Station ), we will see time running slower for the moving people/things.

"It's called time 'dilation' because you can think of the moving person's time as having 'expanded' (dilated) since less time passes for them than for us."

A Utah police officer who pulled over a car carrying iconic soul singer Gladys Knight was treated to an impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday.

Knight was a passenger in the car stopped for speeding on Wednesday night in the town about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, Pleasant Grove Police Capt Mike Roberts said. Officer Paul Rogerson got the driver's license and was checking it in his patrol car when the woman told him that she was with Knight on the way to a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints choir event. The seven-time Grammy Award-winning singer of Midnight Train to Georgia, is a Mormon convert, and she was speaking at the event. Rogerson said that he and his wife, who was riding along in the car because it was his birthday, were big fans. When she heard that, Knight got out of the car too and sang the officer Happy Birthday. The couple snapped a photo with her, and Rogerson's wife has since exchanged text messages with the singer.