March 11, 2016

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Deacon was shocked not only by Quinn's diabolical plan, but that she had recruited him to be an integral part of it. Wyatt was ready to fill Liam's shoes in a business capacity when Bill made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Steffy was forced to defend her relationship with Wyatt to a doubting Thomas when he called her out on her feelings for Liam.

Wyatt went out of his way to prove to his father that he was more than qualified to take his brother's place. Deacon was worried that he would become an accessory to Quinn's crime if he didn't go to the authorities. Meanwhile, Quinn took extreme measures to eliminate any evidence.

Watch For: A desperate situation drives a conspirator over the edge. A newborn is given a sentimental moniker. Light is shed on a secret tryst.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Chad and JJ lied to Abigail. Jennifer and Eric continued their downward spiral. Lucas and Adrienne discussed their future. Summer interrupted an important moment between Theresa and Brady. Maggie became suspicious of Summer. Brady attempted to resume a special moment with a distracted Theresa. Rafe worked with Eduardo in the search for John. Deimos paid Maggie a visit. Chad and Abigail honeymooned with Thomas in Chicago.

Claire and Belle tried to resolve the tension between them. Meanwhile, Shawn and Lani grew even closer. Determined to forget what Chase did to her, Ciara threw the ultimate birthday bash. Still filled with guilt, Joey made an impulsive confession. Dario learned what happened to his father.

Watch For: Ciara confides in Hope about her sexual assault. Steve makes a connection with Kayla. Joey reveals something crucial to Roman.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Morgan couldn't lift himself out of his feelings of hopelessness. Sonny came through for Ava and Kiki. Griffin was eager to learn more about a Port Charles resident. Dante filled Valerie in on his progress with Lulu. Laura feared that the other shoe was about to drop.

Julian made a move to ensure Crimson's failure. Alexis tried to create a comfortable atmosphere for Kristina. Sam put the brakes on her relationship with Jason. Obrecht made a case for Franco, who stood firm in his beliefs. Julian had to think fast when Nina and Maxie nearly discovered his plan. Lomax demanded that Olivia and Alexis drop the lawsuit. Kristina opened up to Molly. Carly's actions tipped the scale in the breastfeeding case. Monica tracked down information in hopes of helping Tracy. Curtis and Valerie found themselves in the winner's circle.

Watch For: Liz discovers a way to unlock Jake's past. Laura learns the origin of the key that Helena left her. Ava seeks help from an unlikely source.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Abby told Stitch that she could tell that Max didn't like her. Meanwhile, Max overheard Ashley telling Simon about being trapped with Stitch during the fire. Phyllis didn't understand why Jack was being so hard on Billy. Victor refused Victoria's pleas to make amends. Later, he told Nikki that Noah's bad luck would never end until he broke up with Marisa. Adam told Chelsea that he was severing ties with his father once and for all.

Jack insisted that Billy was playing a dangerous game by going up against Victor. Sage asked Shawn to move in with her and Nick after her apartment was burglarised. As Noah's trial began, Nikki reminded Elise of their agreement. Noah warned Luca to stay away from Summer.

Watch For: Victor gives Adam an ultimatum. Phyllis spins out of control. Luca scores points with Summer.