Weird News


March 15, 2016

A French lottery 'winner' enjoyed a huge spending spree only to realise afterwards she had the wrong numbers.

The 46-year old mother thought she had scooped millions in the jackpot and rushed to the shops where she splashed out on expensive jewellery, perfume and clothes only to discover she had, in fact, missed the Euro Millions lottery by one digit. The unnamed woman - who lives in eastern France - faces charges of fraud for a string of cheques that bounced during her wild spree, according to the regional daily newspaper l'Est Republicain. However, she made matters worse when she tried to hide her terrible mistake by burning the handbag which held her receipts.

Neighbours who were disturbed by sex

noises at night wrote a letter to the man next door egging him on.

A group of flatmates were so impressed by the loud antics that rather than moan and groan about it, they encouraged the virile male to keep on going. In a typed note that has become an Internet sensation, they penned: "Hello neighbours. It's cool and all you're getting laid and stuff, but the bed squeaking is getting really annoying. I'm not asking you to stop. I ain't no douche."

The group then advised: "Tighten the screws, or tie that b***h down, have sex on the floor or the couch." And finally, in the spirit of having "safe" sex, they added: "To show we are cool with you getting laid, we have included some condoms for you to use ... enjoy the sex ... try to be safe. Don't want a kid walking around anytime soon."

A man tried to drink 24 cocktails in 24 hours on his 24th birthday.

Oxford graduate James Ware, from Fulham in west London, was on holiday in the Caribbean when he decided to challenge himself to slurping two dozen glasses of booze and posted the hilarious consequences in a video on his YouTube page, which has gone viral. James downed pina coladas and likened himself to '24' star Keither Sutherland when he said: "I feel like this could be the longest shift of 24." The bleary-eyed boozer even woke himself up in the middle of the night to continue the impressive feat. YouTube star James gained recognition in 2014 when he sneaked into the premiere of Bond film Spectre in London by printing a picture of a ticket he found on Instagram; and a video of him eating in 46 McDonalds restaurants in 24 hours has also gone viral.

A woman carrying PS150,000 worth of cocaine in her breasts has been arrested.

The 24-year-old Colombian was stopped at Frankfurt airport carrying the contraband which turned out to be 1kg of the class-A substance, hidden in her plastic implants. The woman was found in severe pain after she went under the knife for an amateur operation to squeeze the cocaine-filled bags under her skin.

Customs officers were shocked to find her in a sick state after she embarked on the illegal mission to carry the drug to Spain.