Road closed for toad to cross


March 18, 2016

A London road has been cordoned off to allow 'migrant' toads to cross safely.

A busy road in Twickenham has been blocked for two weeks, with numerous yellow signs diverting the traffic in a bid to increase the breed's population, which has depleted by 50 per cent in the area.

The south west London road signs, which protect the amphibians from potential hit and runs, read: "Road closed for migrating toads.

"Church Road Ham road closed from 4 p.m. Friday 11th March 2016 to 10 a.m. Thursday 24th March 2016."

Alongside the cautions are protective volunteers.

Another sign also said, "Toad patrol volunteers on the road."

A dog driving a lawnmower interrupted a news broadcast in Texas.

The Labrador sat proudly atop the grey vehicle with his tail tucked beside him and his paws lightly resting on the wheel, as he faced forward - seemingly ready to take off and cut the grass - but turned his head to watch a shocked cameraman gawp at him.

Local news crew KYTX CBS19 were in the area filming damage caused by a storm when they suddenly spotted the golden canine perched on the mower.

In hilarious video footage played on the channel and then posted online has gone viral. One journalist can be heard exclaiming: "Oh, my God. Come see - look at that dog!"

A brawl broke out on a flight because two women refused to turn their music down.

Passengers were punched in the face on the Spirit Airlines 141 flight to Los Angeles last week Thursday when intoxicated female travellers blared tunes from their vintage radio during the journey.

Riccardo Jones - a passenger who filmed the scuffle - recalled: "The whole plane turned around and saw these two groups of women fighting.

"I just thought 'who's stupid enough to fight on a plane?' But then one of the women got punched in the face twice so we jumped in to stop it."

Despite the air hostesses remaining calm in the hope of defusing the fracas, the LAX police were on hand to take action.

Riccardo added: "As soon as we got to the gate the police jumped on and arrested all five women."

However, FBI officials affirmed no one was charged, the Daily Telegraph reports.

A retired British policeman's holiday was ruined after travel agents accidentally classified him a terrorist.

Holidaymaker John McGarry - who was an officer in Greater Manchester Police Department for 30 years - felt shunned by crew and other holiday goers during his PS6,500 New York and Caribbean cruise after a travel agent completed security questions on his behalf incorrectly which led to questioning for "terror links."

John said: "The cruise was ruined for me - no one would come near me, it was like I had the plague."

Cresta World Travel in Altrincham agreed to complete the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation required by US Department of Homeland Security on John's behalf, but ticked yes to the question, "Do you seek to engage in or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?"

Within a week of embarking on his sea cruise he was escorted off of the ship for questioning.

John complained after arriving home from the hellish holiday and was offered a PS150 compensatory voucher, which he rejected.

He said: "They sent me a PS150 voucher off another holiday with them. I sent it right back - I don't want anything to do with them."