We don't hide 'Dear Pastor' from our kids


March 18, 2016

Dear Pastor

My husband and I are regular readers of your column. He brings THE STAR home every day. We didn't hide THE STAR from our children when they were growing up. Sometimes your answers to problems become table talk in our house. Sometimes when my husband and I disagree, the children tell us to call Pastor, write to Pastor or ask what would Pastor say about this.

My eldest daughter is planning to get married. She is living in America and would like you to officiate at her wedding. She is coming to Jamaica soon to plan the wedding with her fiancE. The wedding will be in December. I hope you can find it possible to officiate. Keep up the good work.


Dear C.R.,

I am glad your husband and yourself enjoy reading my column. It would be an honour to officiate at your daughter's wedding. Please call my office for an appointment. My numbers are 876-929-1667, 876-929-9668. She may email me at dumas.dearpastor@gmail.com.